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When the penguins joined our family of handmade wooden toys we realized that those who have an adventurous spirit need a proper challenge to overcome.

These wooden penguins with Icy cliffs are perfect addition to any small world play.

Bumbu Toys Wooden Penguin Family with Icy Cliffs and Ice Floe Set

SKU: 6426495593713
  • The set includes 11 penguins, 1 icy cliff and 1 ice floe.

    Icy cliffs and a ice floes are not only the perfect backdrop for all the adventures a waddle of penguins might encounter but also the perfect playground for all manner of chicks and cubs.

    Icy Cliffs, Ice Floe and Big Penguins Family SET that consists of:

    1 x Icy Cliff (Height x Length x Thickness): 24cm x 20cm x 6cm

    1 x Ice Floe (Height x Length x Thickness): 0,8cm x 17cm x 10cm

    1 x Emperor Penguin Female (Height x Length x Thickness): 7,3cm x 4,8cm x 3cm

    1 x Emperor Penguin Male (Height x Length x Thickness): 7,8cm x 5,4cm x 3cm 9 x

    Penguin Chicks (Height x Length x Thickness): 4,5cm x 3,3cm x 2,5cm

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