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Handmade Wool Felt Ornament. Eco-friendly Collectible Decorative Waldorf Doll.

  • Handcrafted in Romania by Ambrosius Prodcom SRL for Eco Flower Fairies
  • Skin tone: fair, light, medium and dark
  • Father doll: 3.1", 0.3 oz, green hair, red mushroom hat, white outfit with red coat
    Mother doll: 2.9", 0.3 oz, red hair, red mushroom hat, white outfit with collar, red mushroom on dress
    Sister doll: 2.3", 0.1 oz, long red hair, red mushroom hat, white outfit with green grass and ladybug
    Baby doll: 1.7", 0.1 oz, green hair, red mushroom bonnet, white outfit with collar
  • Materials: wool felt, wool and pipe cleaner wirewool felt
  • Packaging: organza bag
  • Age:4 years and up

Eco Flower Fairies Mushroom Family Fairy Felt Doll Set (4 Dolls)

SKU: Eff-MshrmFSet
Skin Color
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