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Grapat 24 Rainbow Nesting Bowls in four different sizes and 6 different gradient colors. Each of the 6 colors includes 4 bowls that degrade its hue from brighter to lighter shade. You can complement the heuristic game with filling and emptying, transfers and loading, hiding and discovering …. These bowls of different sizes also allow you to create worlds of towers, colors, constructions, hide treasures like little boxes or even roll one inside the other. These 24 pieces allow a wide variety of play according to the moment and imagination of each moment.

Made In: Spain
Product Size:

•d 72 mm x 38mm height

•d 58 mm  x 38 mm height

•d 44 mm  x 38mm height

•d 30 mm  x 38 mm height
Age: 3 years +
Safety: Manufactured according to the stringent European toy safety directive EN-71

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Grapat Wooden Nesting Bowls-Rainbow

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