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Beautifully handmade by Forest Melody, these wooden ornaments are perfect additions to your Christmas tree or Waldorf nature table. Each ornament comes with red ribbon to hang it.


Sun: H: 10.5cm; L: 8.0cm ; W: 1 cm
Moon: 8.5 H: cm; L: 7.5cm ; W: 1 cm
House: H: 9.5 cm; L: 7.5cm ; W: 1 cm
Leaf: H: 11.0 cm; L: 5.5cm ; W: 1 cm
Herringbone: Ht: 9.5 cm; L: 6.5cm ; W: 1 cm
Bird: H: 7.0 cm; L: 10.5 cm; W: 1 cm
Deer: H: 7.0 cm; L: 11.0cm ; W: 1 cm
Fish: H: 6.0 cm; L: 9.0cm ; W: 1 cm
Fungus: H: 9.3 cm; L: 7.0cm ; W: 1 cm
Snowman: H
: 9.0 cm; L: 5.5cm ; W: 1cm


maple wood,

linseed oil,

mineral pigments (certified for use on children's wooden toys),

water based paints,

water varnish

Handmade Wooden Christmas Ornaments (Maple) by Forest Melody

SKU: FM-Christmas-#003
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