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Handmade in Germany by Nanchen Natur, this silk fairy doll is perfect for your baby’s cradle and softest to touch. Hand hemmed silk squares dyed with natural plant pigments, Organic cotton jersey faces, organic velour hats, and the head of the fairy is filled with organic sheep wool and the face is painted by hand. This makes each fairy unique! With the little loop attached to the pointy hat, the fairy can be hung above the crib or on stroller and softly move in the wind.

Dimensions: 9.8" (25 cm)

Materials: Made of silk (%100), filled with organic wool (%100).

Age: 3+ months

Care: Hand wash only.

Nanchen Natur Silk Cradle Fairy Doll - Green

SKU: 4260296924787
  • All soft toys from Nanchen are made with 100% organic cotton and sheep wool and labelled as follows: 
    kbA - certified organic cultivation
    kbT - certified organic animal husbandry

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