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Bricks can be colored and glass, and pyramids do not have to consist of rings. In collaboration with the Schusev State Museum of Architecture Raduga Grez made a stacking tower in the shape of a Falconnier brick.

Playing it introduces you to harmony: how to make a solid figure out of abstract details? And it does not limit the imagination - the parts of the toy do not have to be put together, they can be anything: a flower bed, a goblet, a fish or a bathyscaphe.

Raduga Grez Wooden Falconnier Stacking Tower

SKU: RG04027
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    • Handmade in Russia
    • Materials: Linden wood, water-based eco-friendly paint.
    • Dimensions: 18cmx11,5cmх5cm
    • Age: 3 years and up
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