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This wooden tea set gets its name from a traditional Russian hot drink made with fireweed. This herb is found in the fields and meadows of the Russian north, it can easily be spotted for the signature dark green leaves on the pinkish red stems, hence the use of these two colors for our teacups. The size of each element of the tea set is close to that of a real one, that us, adults, use in the daily life. Children will find playing with those bigger items fascinating and will not feel like it’s just a toy.


We chose some very peculiar shapes for the cup handles, as well as the spoons that resonate with those handles, details on the kettle tops and sugar bowls. These details are unique for each piece which helps us introduce the children to the extraordinary, instead of the mundane. A child who pretends to have a tea party is experiencing new feelings and emotions, he or she is starting to care more about their toys or parents while serving them their tea. Pretend play of this kind is a great chance to communicate with your little one by discussing some important topics or telling anecdotes while having a cup of tea.


The set includes: a kettle, 2 cups, 2 saucers, 2 spoons, a sugar bowl (can also be used to store the tea itself, not only sugar).

 Materials: linden wood; water based paint (certified to EN-7, part 3 and 9 standarts, children's toys safety), organic oil


Vera and The Neva The "Fireweed" Wooden Tea Set

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