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A wooden birthday ring ornament for birthdays, celebrations and special occasions.

This wooden birthday ring mushroom ornament is beautifully handmade from linden wood by Vera and The Neva and is great addition to Waldorf nature table, small world play, Easter and birthday celebration,  and story telling scenes.

Wooden figures are perfect for imaginative play scenes and helps developing creativity, dexterity, and language skills.

This wooden birthday ring ornament is made from linden wood. It is beautifully  handmade and covered with safe paints, where the main ingredients are water and wax. The paint complies with the standards DIN EN 71. Also it has sweat and saliva resistance.

Please note that this lising is only for one wooden mushroom ornament.

Wooden Birthday Ring Mushroom Ornament - Vera and The Neva

  • Dimensions:

    Ornament mushroom diameter: (2.7 cm)

    Height: " (7.5 cm) 

    Width: 0.66" (17 mm)

    Diameter for tutu: 1.89" (4.8 cm)

    Material: Linden wood, water based paint.

    Age:3+ years and up

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