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The Tool Set is made of solid ash and beech and covered with natural Biofa oil. The set contains a saw, a hammer, movable pliers, a ruler (20 cm), a screwdriver, a wrench,a movable knife and comes in a handy roll-up carrying case. The Tool case is made of natural burlap.

  • Handmade in Russia
  • Materials: Solid ash, Beech, natural Biofa oil, natural burlap.
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Dimensions:
    Unfolded Tool Case: 12" x 27.5 "; Saw:12" x 3"
    Screwdriver: 6" ; Knife: 5.5"; Hammer: 7.5" x 2.75"
    Ruler: 10.5"x 1"; Pliers: 8" x 2"; Wrench: 6"

Handmade Wooden Tool Set (7 pcs) by Poltora Stolyara

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