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A mountain spring, a wonderful waterfall and a few boulders create such a special place. Not only the perfect place to fall asleep when the otter is occupied elsewhere, but also the perfect place for big and small adventures.Now, what will happen today?

This Bumbu SET is made of Romanian wood, pure craftsmanship, in Romania. Each product is a unique piece, designed with love and care. It is polished, painted and greased with water-based paints and organic oils.

The set consists of 3 items

:- 1 x Mountain river, dimensions (l x w x h): 29cm x 3cm x 5.5cm

- 1 x Waterfall, dimensions (l x w x h): 12cm x 5.5cm x 6cm

- 1 x SET River stones, dimensions (l x w x h): 1 x 6.5cmx14cmx7.5cm / 1 x 10.3cmx7.5cmx6.5cm / 1 x 9cmx8cmx6.5cm / 1 x 3cmx7cmx5cm / 1 x 4cmx3cm / 1 x 4cmx3cm / 1 x 4cmx3cm

Age:3+ years

Bumbu Toys Wooden River Plate, Waterfall, Mossy Rocks Set

SKU: 6426495594062
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