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The Wooden Waterfall from Bumbutoys is a beautifully crafted piece that captures the serene flow and calming presence of a cascading waterfall.

Its soft blue hues and gentle curves are hand-painted to represent the tranquil motion of water.

This beautiful nature piece serves as a soothing addition to any playset or as a decorative element that brings a sense of peaceful nature into your home.


This Bumbu Wodoen Waterfall is made of Romanian wood, pure craftsmanship in Romania. Each product is a unique piece, designed with love and care. It is sanded, painted and oiled with water-based paints and organic oils.

Size (LenghthxHeighthxWidth ): 4.7"x2.4"x1.9" (12cmx6cmx5.25cm)

Age:3 years and up

Bumbu Toys Wooden Waterfall

SKU: 6426495594031
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