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While designing a classic wooden stacking toy Vera and the Neva drew inspiration from the world-renowned Russian ballet and the images of ballerinas and with a desire to create toys that are diverse and inclusive, they created their ballerinas in two different skin tones, light and dark.
Stacking toys have many educational benefits including:

1. Fine motor skill development
2. Coordinated movement
3. Learning shapes and sizes
4. Memory training
5. Promoting logical thinking skills
These wonderfully unique wooden stacking toys make a very special gift for children and can even be enjoyed by adults as a decor piece or calming tool - the process of removing the pieces and placing them together again helps to calm thoughts and redirect your brain to focus on something in the present moment.

  • Handmade in Russia
  • Brand: Vera and the Neva
  • Materials: Linden wood, water based paint (certified EN-71), organic oil
  • Dimensions:Dimensions:H:7.5"xW:3.5" (largest base)xW:1.5"(shortest base)
  • It comes in a branded bag.
  • Age:3 years and up

Sale Handmade Wooden Stacking Ballerina Toy - Dark

SKU: VeratheNeva-Bstd
$40.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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