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As many of you shared with us your happiness and joy about our Lucky Lucky set, we decided to surprise you with a second edition. Meet our new colourful bunch of little wooden friends we created for you. It was a pleasure to invent new charactersand little scenes and we can't wait to hear which adventures they share with yourlittle ones.

15 different boxes each with a little world inside. You can collect them all or you canspend hours of open-ended play with just one. Each box contains it's own charactersthat can be extended with the figurines from the other boxes but do not haveto. They work together but also by themselves. And the best part about it is thesurprise. When you buy the box it will be closed. You can gently shake it, you canweight it but you will only know for sure once you open it. We love surprises and wehope you do too!


15 surprise sets offered in separate blind-boxes / sizes and sets vary

Made In: Spain

Age: 3 years +

Please note: This set is not returnable or exchangable and limited 5 per customer.

Grapat is excluded from discounts

Grapat Lucky Lucky Surprise Set-New 2023

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