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The set of trees is 100% handmade from natural materials, made of maple. Water based paints were used. Finish - water-based lacquer, specially designed for toys (Biofa)
The Red Barbatum toys very smooth and tactilely pleasing, which contributes to the development of the sensory abilities of children.

  • Handmade in Belarus
  • Materials: Maple wood, Biofa, watercolor
  • Dimensions: Square and circle trees consist of 3 pieces; triangle tree consists of 2:
    - the square tree (has 2 rectangular pice):2"x4x0.75"
    - the triangle tree:3.5"x4"x0.75"
    - the circle tree(has 2 semicircles):2"x4"x0.75"
    - tree trunk:4"x1.12"x0.75"
  • Age: 3 years and up

Please note that The listing does not unclude the grass pieces.

Handmade Wooden Tree Set - Color(8 pcs)

SKU: RB-Trees-c
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