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Every day right after waking up your little one can look out of the window and tell what’s the weather going to be like on the morning walk! Is there a dark stormy cloud in the sky, will it bring the rain? The next moment a rainbow appears and the sun comes out! Children can learn the moon’s phases and check which way the wind is blowing! A toy like this helps parents to discuss weather phenomena with their little ones.

This "pitter-patter" weather station is also a cool balancing toy. A child is challenged to stack all of the weather symbol blocks into a tall tower and not let it tumble and fall! This type of play stimulates a child’s motor skills, coordination and visual skills.

Where does this house come from? Why is it so bright and sun-kissed? Colonial architecture is incorporated into the traditional houses in Mexico, that’s where the color is coming from as well. Vera the Neva got a real taste of this architectural style after getting familiar with the works of Frida Kahlo and watching a movie about her.


  • Handmade in Russia
  • Brand: Vera and the Neva
  • Materials: Linden wood. water based paint
  • Dimensions: 39cmx29cmx9cm (15"x11.5"x3.5")
  • Age: 3 years and up

Handmade Wooden Weather Station Natural

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