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Kids can play with sticks, pebbles, remotes, and pots and pans. But you want something more aesthetically pleasing and organized, yet just as authentic. This set is a beautiful solution. No pushing kids to build castles – you can build anything. You don't even have to give the building a name, because it's the process, not the result, that counts. But let's tell a secret that this block set itself grows a megalopolis with skyscrapers and an avenue, if you just put the pieces on the floor. And the long pieces can be stacked into squares like those of Modrian's paintings, and you just want to inhabit them with imaginary tenants.


Building blocks for natural, artistic play in which the child decides what to build.


Our building blocks set is like an art object that you can and should touch with your hands. The bottom of the tray is engraved with the shape of the pieces for easy assembly after play.


Dimensions: 45 cm х24 cm х4 cm (17.7"x9.4"x1.6")

Age:3+ years

Raduga Grez Elements Building Blocks Natural

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