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Matryoshka Acorn can be opened and closed, arranged according to size, in the parts you can hide feathers, large beads, chestnuts and other treasures. You can put the halves one on top of another, hide them inside each other or build a tower. You can place the acorns around the nursery, give a basket to a child and collect them together to make a picnic for the squirrels.

The set includes 7 Pieces; 3 lidded nesting boxes + 1 solid acorn.

Handmade in Russia by Raduga Grez

Materials:Lime (linden) wood, non-toxic water based paint

Certified CE and painted with EN-71 certified paints.

Dimensions: Height :14.5 cm,

Lid Diameter:10.5 cm

Biggest House Diameter: 8 cm

Age:3 year and above

Raduga Grez Matryoshka Nesting Acorn Set

SKU: RG02038
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