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Tateplota created a set of 4 wooden figures, each of which represents a basic emotion: anger, fear, sadness and joy.
The Game set "Emotions" is much more than a toy. It is a psychological tool that will become an assistant in your relationships with a child.
The goals of this game set are:
To introduce the child to 4 basic emotions of every person.
To help the child realize that there are no bad and good emotions. Every emotion is important.
To help the child realize what he feels in a particular situation, make him friends with emotion.
To find mutual understanding with a parent, brother or sister, other adult or child in various life situations.
To understand the feelings of others.
The range of application of emotion figures is very wide. Let your personal experience supplement it with interesting and important examples.

This game set consists of:

Figurine "Joy" - made of maple
Figurine "Sadness" - made of oak
Figurine "Anger" - made of beech
Figurine "Fear" - made of ash

The Game set "Emotions" is completely handmade with hand painted elements. It is impregnated with linseed oil and beeswax. The set comes with a cotton bag.

Due to the natural uniqueness  of the wood which we use, the shade of the product that you ordered may be different from the photos on our website.

Tateplota Wooden Emotions Game Set

SKU: Tateplota-Egset
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