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Follow a winding path alongside a babbling stream and discover a world teeming with life. From playful foxes to cute rabbits, a myriad of animals have made their home amongst the lush trees. This enchanting scene invites your children to join in on the adventure.

This beautifully hand-illustrated cloth is a wonderfully open-ended resource, and inspires fun & learning through self-directed play.From small world play to den building, from dressing up to wrapping presents, children can dance with it, let it blow in the wind, tie it on a stick, wear it as a cape or even hang it on the wall as a piece of art.

Your child decides how to use the cloth, and that’s where the magic lies…

This cloth measures: 39.3"x39.3" ( 1m x 1m)

Materials: 100% GOTS Organic cotton, eco-friendly and non-toxic dyed print.

Great for open-ended and small world play.

Wonderie A Walk In The Forest Play Cloth Maxi

SKU: WC-WalkForest
  • Wonderie (previously known Wondercloths) is designed with children in mind.

    Every design is lovingly hand-painted from scratch, with each image carefully crafted to contain just the right blend of scenery and detail to spark a child’s imagination, leaving plenty of room to add figures, toys and play-things.

    All of the cloths include handy stitched in hanging hooks.

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