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This Wooden Kitchen Set is made of solid ash and beech and coated with natural Biofa oil.

Each part is smoothly sanded and coated with environmentally friendly and safe oil. The Set includes:

1. Grater

2. Spoon

3. Fork

4. Knife

5. Spatula

6. Rolling pin

7. Scissors (movable)

8. Linen Apron

Handmade in Russia

Materials: Solid ash and beech wood, non-toxic and natural Biofa oil finish; linen apron

Age: 3+ years

Dimensions: Rolling Pin:11"; Knife:9.5"; Fork and Spoon:6.5"; Spatula, Spoon and Slotted Spoon:8.5"; Scissors:7.5"; Apron: W:14" x L:18"

Handmade Wooden Kitchen Set by Poltora Stolyara

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